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Nintendo Posts Tips to Prevent Switch Overheating in Summer


It’s summertime in many parts of the world, including Japan. The country experiences notoriously hot and humid summers. For example, Tokyo’s average temperature during summertime averages at 27°C (80°F). Nintendo Support of Japan kept people, and their Nintendo Switches, in mind, though. The official Twitter account spread some public reminders to help customers avoid Switch overheating issues.

Check out the tweets here.

Nintendo Support’s tips for preventing Switch overheating focused on reminders of the Switch hardware’s temperature tolerances. Nintendo Switches are best used in locations with a  temperature of 5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F). The advisory also warned customers to avoid blocking the Switch console’s exhaust and intake ports, located on the top and rear of the main housing.

The advisory also linked the following FAQ on the Japanese Nintendo Support website. Check out the equivalent English-language page at this link, which lists the same information about Switch overheating prevention.

Helpfully, the Japanese page includes diagrams indicating the vents on the Nintendo Switch Lite and the Nintendo Switch OLED model. Check out the pictures of all three below. The labels are “排気口” for “Exhaust” and “吸気口” for intake. The official docks for the original Switch and Switch OLED have holes to prevent the intake valves from being blocked while the console is docked, preventing a docked Switch from overheating.

Here’s for the original Switch.

Original Switch Overheating

Here’s for the Switch Lite.

Switch Lite Overheating

And the Switch OLED.

Switch OLED Overheating

The Nintendo Switch is available from retailers.

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