Nintendo Says It Would Like To Release Two To Three Mobile Games A Year



With the release of Super Mario Run for smartphones just a little over a week ago, Nintendo has revealed in a recent interview that they have big plans for mobile gaming in the year 2017. [Thanks, NintendoEverything.]


Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima spoke to Kyoto Shimbun and discussed the company’s prospects into mobile gaming for the near future. Kimishima said that Nintendo hopes to be able to release about 2 or 3 mobile games in the next year.


When it comes to Super Mario Run, Kimishima says that the game’s 40 million downloads have “met their expectations,” and that he believes the app will grow to over 100 million downloads with time. Additionally, when asked about the topic of in-app purchases as well as microtransactions, Kimishima said parents won’t have to worry about spending large amounts of money. Kimishima also mentioned that expanding to making smartphone titles has further supported Nintendo’s console division, creating interest in the copmany and its upcoming new console, the Switch, with a larger audience.


In closing, Kimishima noted that they are listening to player feedback for Super Mario Run in order to further improve the app, mentioning that the number of paying players for the mobile game is “very high.”


To read more from the interview, you can go here.


Super Mario Run is available for iOS devices and will release for Android in 2017.