Nintendo Shares More On Their Smart Device Goals With Super Mario Run, Miitomo, And More



We got a taste of Nintendo’s first smartphone app with Miitomo earlier this year, but they also have big plans for more. The company shared a bit on their goals for smart apps in their latest financial results briefing.



As we have explained in the past, Nintendo has three main goals when it comes to our smart device business. We would like to utilize smart devices as a platform to reach the maximum number of consumers with our IP. Of course, we also expect the smart device business to be profitable on its own, while generating synergy with our dedicated video game systems to maximize the potential of Nintendo’s overall business strategies. In addition to already-released Miitomo, we expect to have released the three titles listed above in series by the end of March 2017.



In September this year, we announced Super Mario Run, a new action game featuring Mario optimized for smart devices and playable with one hand. This game is set to launch globally in December.



The Super Mario action games have been well-loved by fans all over the world, and we hope to reach even more fans across the world through Super Mario Run. We have been informed that over 20 million people have already signed up to receive notifications for the release of this title.



Previously, we announced that we would be releasing Super Mario Run in more than 100 countries, but we can now say that we plan to release this title in approximately 150 countries for iPhone and iPad in December. Although we have not announced the release timing yet, we are also developing an Android version. Downloading Super Mario Run will be free, as will some of the play elements. All of the game content will be enjoyable after paying a set purchase price. With our current plan, once a set purchase price is paid, consumers can repeatedly play the game without worrying about additional fees required. So, children can also play it with peace of mind. We will announce further details, including pricing, at a later date.



We released Miitomo in March this year, and it will soon reach 15 million unique users. This title has not been impactful from a profit perspective, but the trends have been largely according to our expectations.


As our initial foray into the smart device business, Miitomo has focused on bringing Nintendo’s entertainment to as many people as possible across the world. Another main goal of Miitomo has been to let consumers connect with their friends. We are making preparations to allow friend relationships from Miitomo to be carried over to Super Mario Run. Since Super Mario Run has a mode where you can compete with other players, this means that active communication with your family and friends in Miitomo will lead to even more fun moments in Super Mario Run.



In order to enjoy Miitomo with your family and friends, we are planning a major update soon that will completely transform Miitomo by making communication with your friends even more fun. This update will introduce a unique message feature that lets you use your Mii character’s facial expressions and voice to send any message you want in expressive one-on-one communication. We are also planning additional features.

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