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Nintendo Shows Off How To Jam With A Homemade Guitar Using Toy-Con Garage




    Nintendo Labo’s series of videos introducing the Toy-Con Garage continue, this time introducing how to make a homemade Toy-Con Guitar by stretching out the input nodes.


    Using the Play button on the top of the screen, only the input nodes will show on the Nintendo Switch screen, and stay fixed in their position. Add a few rubber bands, and it looks and plays like a six string guitar. Near the end of the video, Nintendo also suggests to try out changing the frequency of the sounds based on the tilt of the Joy-Con.


    Here’s the full video below:


    Nintendo Labo is coming out on April 20, 2018 for Nintendo Switch. Previously, Nintendo showed off how to make a controllable tank using the Toy-Con Car and some creativity with the Toy-Con Garage.

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