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Nintendo Shows Off New Smash Bros. Ultimate Item That May Hint At A Newcomer


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Nintendo recently tweeted a new video of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate footage for the Wendy’s College Tailgate Tour, and Twitter user AlphaOblivion7 was the first to realize that the footage shows off a split second of the Mute City SNES stage with a new item.


Spoilers follow for a rumor that is currently known as the ‘Grinch leak’:





The item in question looks like a sprout, which doesn’t seem to be connected to any of the represented franchises so far. However, one of the newcomers hinted in the Grinch rumor is Isaac from Golden Sun, and the Sprout item looks suspiciously similar to the sprouts in that series, which grows into a climbable vine when the Growth psyenergy is used.


Here’s a comparison:

sprout 2

sprout 3


While the Sprout would represent the spell, the bubble would be a Psyenergy Bubble which shows up in Golden Sun as well.


That said, this possibility is still not conclusive, as Super Smash Bros. uses the Sprout icon as a generic symbol in several locations. It could just be a placeholder for a different, original item:

sprout 4


Here’s a look at the full trailer itself:


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases for the Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018.

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