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Nintendo Shows Off The Daemon X Machina Changes Made After Receiving Demo Feedback


daemon x machina changes


At E3 2019, Daemon x Machina Producer Kenichiro Tsukada offered a brief summary of some of the changes that would be made to the game following receiving feedback from the Prototype Missions demo. Now Nintendo has released an over two-minute long video showing some of the biggest changes in action.


It seems like a lot of the Daemon X Machina changes are quality of life improvements. For example, it starts by showing equipment that lets you lock onto enemies, causing the camera to track them. It then shows this in action. Bosses and Arsenal fights have health bars. It is easier to acquire and steal equipment. Optional motion controls, complete with gyro sensitivity gauge, are available for aiming. Some controls have been changed for player comfort, though you can alter these in the menu. There are also different mission area warning options.


You can watch the Daemon x Machina Demo Feedback Trailer below.



The Daemon x Machina Prototype Missions demo was only available briefly. It first showed up in the eShop on February 13, 2019, before leaving on March 11, 2019. It allowed people to try out a handful of missions and begin customizing a character.


Daemon x Machina will come to the Nintendo Switch on September 13, 2019.

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