Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Has Motion Sensors, “HD Rumble,” Color Variations, More



During the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017, the company revealed more on the Joy-Con controllers that come with the new console.


First, the Joy-Con controllers come with NC reader/writer in ne of the controllers for amiibo. The joysticks can be pressed in like buttons, and there’s a square button for recording gameplay.


It also has a share function that allows you to share screenshots and footage with friends over social media. The Joy-Con has accelerometer and gyro sensors, so it should bring a familiar feeling that had from the Wii and Wii U controllers.


One of the Joy-Con controllers will also come with a motion IR camera that can not only read distance but also hand gestures as part of its “HD Rumble.” This new feature is kind of like haptic feedback, where you’ll get to feel things like the number of ice cubes shaking in a glass.


In addition to wrist-straps, the Joy-Con will come in additional color varieties of Neon Blue and Neon Red. Expect more in the future.


Nintendo Switch launches in March 3, 2017.

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