Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch May Come With A Non-Removable Battery



Ever since the Nintendo Switch was unveiled back in October, not many details have surfaced about Nintendo upcoming console. However, a new FCC filing may shed a tiny bit of light onto one aspect of the new system.


According to Engadget, this recent FCC filing seems to show that the Switch will include a battery that will not be removable. While at first glance this doesn’t sound too abnormal, Nintendo’s previous console, the Wii U, did have a removable battery in the GamePad which players could upgrade to increase runtime.


If this new filing is correct, such a battery upgrade will not be possible with the Switch. However, since a production prototype was used for this filing, there still could be a chance that this new information could change, though the prototype is created to be equivalent to a mass-produced model of the console.


To take a look at the FCC filing for yourself, you can go here.


The Nintendo Switch is slated for a release in March 2017, and more details are expected from an upcoming event in January.