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Nintendo Switch Online Adds SP Versions Of NES Open Tournament, Gradius For Easy Play


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Alongside the announced three games added this month for Nintendo Switch Online’s NES titles, Nintendo also updated the service with a special version of Mario Golf and Gradius. Similar to The Legend of Zelda (SP), these versions are essentially versions of the game that have been played up to a certain point.


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For Mario Golf (SP), playing this version lets you choose between every course from the very start. Originally, you would need to get overall less strokes than par on the scorecard in order to unlock each course.

If you choose Extra Course, random holes from across the five courses will appear.


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As for Gradius (SP), this version of Gradius starts you off at Stage 5 with all upgrades unlocked. That means you have decent speed, Missiles, both Options, and the Force Field. The weapon chosen is Laser, so people who’d rather get Double will need to upgrade to that themselves.


NES Open Tournament (SP) and Gradius (SP) are available for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers today.

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