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Nintendo Switch Online Begins Service In Hong Kong & South Korea This Spring


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While up to this point, Hong Kong and South Korea region Nintendo Account users have been able to play online for free, Nintendo Switch Online is set to begin sometime this Spring.


This means that while new features such as cloud saves and the Switch Online NES games archive will be available for those users after launch, it’ll also put a price tag on playing online for those with accounts in those regions.


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Interestingly, it seems that the Hong Kong region is set to get the Famicom version of the games, while South Korea is following the North American version of the NES app, likely with English versions of the games.


As for Nintendo Switch Online’s latest exclusive feature, Tetris 99, the game has not been announced for either region as of this timing.


Nintendo Switch Online will launch in Hong Kong and South Korea in Spring 2019.

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