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Nintendo Switch Sports Golf Arrives in Late November 2022

Nintendo Switch Sports Golf

The next minigame in the Nintendo Switch Sports lineup is coming. Nintendo announced that Nintendo Switch Sports Golf arrives with the game’s next update. The update is scheduled to deploy next week on November 28, 2022. The update is free to owners of the base game. Golf was previously announced in September, with a “Holiday 2022” release window.

According to Nintendo, Nintendo Switch Sports Golf will feature 21 different holes to challenge, taken from the Wii Sports series. The minigame will include a Survival Golf mode, where players try to avoid elimination, and casual competition mode. As with the other sports in the lineup, it supports local multiplayer.

Released on April 29, 2022, Nintendo Switch Sports is a motion-controlled minigame collection for the Switch, in the vein of the classic Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. Unlike those titles, the game didn’t use the Mii avatars as default, allowing players to create more detailed avatars native to Nintendo Switch Sports itself. At the time of release, the base game offered Soccer, Volleyball, Bowling, Tennis, Badminton, and Chambara (swordfighting). Like its predecessors, players used the Joy-con controllers to replicate the motions needed to play the different sports. Subsequent updates added functionality like support for the Leg Strap accessory in Football, new moves in Volleyball. Other updates included “cheat codes” to summon the legendary Matt from Wii Sports as an AI opponent.

Nintendo Switch Sports Golf arrives on November 28, 2022. The game is available on Switch. Check out Siliconera’s review.

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