Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Teases A New Interactive Experience For Switch, To Be Revealed Later Today



Update: Nintendo UK shared its own page for the reveal, where fans can tune in to discover a "new interactive experience" for Nintendo Switch that’s "specially crafted for kids and those who are kids at heart."


Nintendo announced that it reveal a new way to play on the Nintendo Switch, with details expected to show on the company’s official website on January 18 at 7:00am JST.


The announcement was made in Nintendo Direct-like fashion, but so far there’s been no word on any videos or live streams. Instead, Nintendo says that it will introduce a new way to play using the Nintendo Switch on this page at 7:00am JST on January 18. In the West that’s later today, January 17, at 2:00pm PT, 5:00pm ET, 10:00pm GMT, and 11:00pm CET.


There’s no word for a Western announcement of the reveal, but unless it’s something Nintendo has planned only for Japan we should hear something from Nintendo of America/Europe later in the morning.

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