Nintendo and DeNA to Establish Joint Venture

Nintendo DeNA Joint Venture

Nintendo announced it will establish a joint venture with DeNA as of early April 2023. Nintendo Systems will function as a subsidiary of Nintendo, according to a press release. Its purpose is to strengthen the digitalization of its business, along with express interest in creating a “deeper” relationship with its customers. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The express intent of this joint venture and founding of Nintendo Systems is to research and develop new ways for Nintendo create valuable services for its consumer base with the assistance of DeNA. This is the official description of what the press release revealed. Nintendo will contribute 80% capital to the venture, whereas DeNA will contribute the other 20%. Additionally, officers and employees within Nintendo will serve as directors of Nintendo Systems.

Nintendo and DeNA initially announced the partnership between the two companies in 2015. Talks began in 2010. DeNA announced it would be handling operations of its mobile titles moving forward. The two companies since worked together to release mobile titles like Fire Emblem Heroes and Pokemon Masters EX. Both games have proven successful for Nintendo, with Fire Emblem Heroes generating a billion dollars in revenue as of February 2022. It remains one of Nintendo’s most profitable mobile titles to date.

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