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Nintendo UK Holds A Nintendo Labo Creators Contest In Europe



Nintendo UK is holding a Nintendo Labo Creators Contest, where users compete over the best Toy-Con creation to win a special Labo-themed Nintendo Switch system.


There will be three categories in this contest, including Creations, which is a contest over the most creative Toy-Con; Customizations, where players compete over the best Toy-Con designs; and Kids, which is a separate category for children up to 12 years old.


Submissions will start on July 19, 2018 and end on September 7, 2018. A panel of judges will determine the finalists according to country, and the finalists will then be judged by a panel of special guests to pick a winner in each category.


Winners will receive a special edition Nintendo Switch plus a special prize to be announced later. Finalists get a special edition pair of Joy-Cons alongside the special prize, while Semi-finalists get the special prize by itself.


Here’s a look at the special edition Switch and Joy-Cons:

labo switch 1 labo switch 2

labo switch 3 labo switch 4

labo switch 5 labo switch 6


A Nintendo Account is required to submit your creations, and contestants can join by submitting it through the Nintendo Labo website starting on July 19, 2018.


Nintendo Labo is available for Nintendo Switch.

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