Nintendo has released a number of printable Valentine’s Day cards over on its kids website Play Nintendo.


The cards come in different themes based on Kirby, the Mushroom Kingdom, The Legend of Zelda, and Yoshi. They’re also chock full of puns, such as a Donkey Kong card that says “I’m bananas for friendship.” The best one might be a picture of Yoshi having laid a fresh egg from his behind with the caption “You’re a good egg.” That’s certainly among the stranger ones.



On the same page is also a section where Tingle gives five tips for making friends including a fashion tip: “Be sure to wear red briefs and a belt ON TOP OF a green leotard.” It’s solid advice.


There’s also a gallery of Nintendo’s best partnerships from across its games. Baby Mario and Yoshi, Mario and Luigi, Toad and Toadette, Link and Zelda—you get the idea.

Chris Priestman

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