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Nioh 2 DLC Will Tell Three Additional Stories


Even after Nioh 2 is done, there will still be things to do in the game. That’s because, as revealed by the PlayStation Blog, Team Ninja will be supporting the game after launch. Nioh 2 DLC will consist of three additional stories that will be told after the game is released.

All of the Nioh 2 DLC will involve prequels and take hours to complete. When someone goes through them, they’ll meet new characters and be able to build their own up by getting new equipment and learning new skills. Each one of these little campaigns will even have side quest sub-missions.

As for Nioh 2 itself, more information about its story was released alongside a new trailer. You’re a half-yokai demon hunter named Hideyoshi that is fighting monsters in Japan in 1555. After meeting Toukichiro and learning about the power of Spirit Stones, they are more successfully able to use their yokai abilities in the name of good. This quest to collect Spirit Stones and save people from monsters eventually leads to players serving under Oda Nobunaga.

Nioh 2 will come to the PlayStation 4 on March 13, 2020, and the three add-ons can all be acquired via a season pass. Team Ninja has promised more information on the game will arrive on a weekly basis.

Jenni Lada
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