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Nioh 2 Features Character Creation And A Story Connected To The First Nioh



Following the reveal of Nioh 2 during the PlayStation presser at E3 2018, director Fumihiko Yasuda and Team Ninja shared the first details on the game including its character creation and story.


During the interview, Yasuda explains that Nioh 2’s story is connected to the first Nioh in terms of time and setting, but more details will be shared in the coming days. Yasuda says that it won’t be necessary to have played the original Nioh to enjoy Nioh 2’s story, but those who did might enjoy it more.


The developers got plenty of feedback from fans before the launch of the original Nioh through two demos, and one of the biggest requests from fans was to add a character creation system, and this is something that will be implemented into Nioh 2. Players will get to customize everything from gender to race.


Yasuda also shares bits of info on the teaser trailer saying that this time around we’ll have a protagonist who harnesses the power of Yokai, and can even transform into one. There will be plenty of Yokai-vs.-samurai action.


For those of you wondering whether Nioh 2 will be just as challenging, Yasuda says it will indeed be a masocore game, and they’re working on making satisfying deaths for the players. And in order to do so, they’ll be taking plenty of feedback from fans again so there will be demos for everyone to try out before it launches.


Nioh 2 is in development for PlayStation 4.

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