Nippon Ichi Releases A Smartphone Version Of Kuon no Kizuna: Sanrinshou



Last year, Nippon Ichi acquired Fog (Full on Games), developers of the Kuon no Kuzina visual novel series, and today they’ve released a smartphone version of Kuon no Kizuna: Sanrinshou.


To give you a little bit on what Kuon no Kizuna is about, you take on the role of a high school student. A transfer student comes to the school and tells him she’ll kill him, while he starts having strange dreams about people mysteriously getting killed in the city. He then realizes that the two are incarnated personalities of a man and goddess that fell in love about a thousand years ago. Since then, they’ve been stuck in an endless loop of reincarnation and battle against an evil god.


Kuon no Kizuna: Sanrinshou originally released in May 2000 as a Dreamcast version of the 1998 PlayStation title with added scenarios. It was then released on PlayStation 2 with some fixes on the Dreamcast version.


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While retaining most of the features from the original version such as big future-changing choices and battles, Kuon no Kizuna: Sanrinshou on smartphone has new scenarios and improved higher quality illustrations.


It also features an “Appreciation Mode” that lets players revisit certain scenes and check out some BGM tracks.


Kuon no Kizuna: Sanrinshou is now available in Japan on iPhone and Android for 1,400 yen.

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