Nippon Ichi Software To Release New IPs In 2016, And Possible Collaborations



Nippon Ichi Software had a variety of releases this year ranging from smaller titles such as Night Watch to bigger ones in Disgaea 5. Company president Sohei Niikawa spoke with 4Gamer about what’s in store for 2016.


“Going into 2016, Nippon Ichi Software will continue to vigorously release new IPs in the console marketplace,” said Niikawa. “We will keep going forward and fight until we’re out of energy.”


He continued, “on a more personal note, I’m currently writing a game scenario that takes place in the local Gifu prefecture. Also, I feel that we’ll see an increase in collaborative works with other companies. I believe that we’ll be able to do all kinds of fun stuff, and we’ll work hard so that we can let you guys know about it soon. Thank you for your continued support in 2016!”

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