PlayStation Vita

Nippon Ichi’s New Horror Game Will Have You Explore The Eerie Nights Of A Town


Nippon Ichi Software have been teasing a new game with the above video, featuring a girl in the dark with a flashlight. This week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation reveals the game as Night Watch, and provides additional details on the game.[Thanks, Zaregoto.]


There aren’t too many details as far as details go, but the horror action title Night Watch will put you in the shoes of a young girl who explores the town at night, and this town has a particularly strange and eerie atmosphere going on at night.


Now, if you’re wondering why any young girl in their right mind would go around searching the town at night, especially one with a creepy atmosphere, she’s actually out to look for her older sister and their pet dog; however, she’ll see things that “aren’t meant to be seen” in the dark, using her flashlight.


Night Watch is in development for PlayStation Vita.

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