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NIS’ New RPG Is A PS Vita Remake Of A Mobile Game By Oreshika Creator



Nippon Ichi Software have been teasing a new game that has to do with an RPG that takes place after the protagonist defeats the last boss, and this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine reveals it as a remake of Yuusha Shisu or Hero Death, an early mobile game by the Oreshika creator.


Hero Death originally released in Japan back in December of 2007 for mobile devices, as a game where the hero defeats the demon lord but dies at the same time; however, he’s given five days to live from God.


As the days go by in the RPG, the hero gets weaker, and depending on what kind of things you do in the last five days of the story, you’ll get different people show up to the funeral or a different ending altogether.


Hero Death for PlayStation Vita is going to be a fully remade title that will release in February 25, 2016. The retail version will go for 5,980 yen plus tax while the download version will cost 4,762 yen plus tax.


We’ll have more details on Hero Death and what’s new in its PlayStation Vita version as more information becomes available.

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