Long before smartphone games became a fad in Japan, they had games for “feature phones,” which were pretty much like more advanced flip-phones. Nippon Ichi announced that they’ll bring back some of their hit mobile games from then, to the PlayStation TV and Vita.


To bring you up to speed on what the Japanese call “Garakei,” or Japanese feature phones, they were popular mobile phones during a time when smartphones weren’t readily available or serviced by providers.


While these mobile phones weren’t as advanced in terms of spec compared to the smartphones that were gaining ground around the rest of the world, the feature phones had plenty of neat features and were considered quite advanced when the rest of the world were still using standard flip phones.


Some of these cool features included games, like Nippon Ichi’s popular title Duologue, which is will be available for PlayStation TV and Vita in Japan as part of a new service called “App Archives,” as its first title for 556 yen.


Gamer provides us with some more information on what the 2006 mobile game was about, starting with a look at the protagonist named Alius:


2Duologue takes place on the continent of La Zik, where mysterious stones with special powers, called Zenolith, exists. Alius, the protagonist, is a young boy who admires a group known as the Cuttral.


The game features 24 characters, and has a story that is said to bring plenty of laughter and tears throughout the journey.



Once you equip a Zenolith on a character, you’ll get to freely raise their statuses as you please. As you enter battle with your character equipped with the stone, you’ll gain “Mana” which is used to add points to a Zenolith ability called “Unique” which brings out various powers.


These Uniques can teach you special techniques, enhance your status, or even do things like double the total amount of experience earned.


The game also has an achievement system with over 1,000 objectives, with goals such as “visit this town,” “beat this boss,” “acquire this Unique,” “acquire this item,” and so on.


Duologue is available now in Japan for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV.

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