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No More Heroes 3 Gold Joe Boss Fight Shown at E3 2021

no more heroes 3 gold joe

After the official Nintendo Treehouse Live E3 2021 presentation, there was one more thing. Nintendo shared some No More Heroes 3 gameplay that included a Gold Joe boss fight and message from Goichi “Suda51” Suda.

Gold Joe holds the ninth position. So Travis has to defeat him to take his place in the rankings. As Travis called out ahead of the fight, Gold Joe uses “red and blue magnetic North South to bust out some just slightly puzzle-ish attacks.” So if there’s an N above the boss’ head, the polarity will shift and will be red. S will telegraph a blue attack. Players need to change Travis’ polarity to attract and repel Gold Joe and send him into electric barricades.

Here’s the full Nintendo Treehouse Live E3 2021 segment looking at No More Heroes 3, with the Gold Joe fight picking up at about the 13 minute mark.

Suda51’s message appeared at the end of the presentation. He confirmed digital pre-orders would open soon. He also mentioned the following when it came to additional in-game activities. For example, Suda51 noted volunteer missions would replace part-time jobs and offered examples.

Also, this isn’t simply a gritty action game. This truly is very much No More Heroes, and you’ll come to see we’ve prepared a lot of interesting things including interesting and unique boss battles. In the previous installments, you could take on some part-time jobs. This time, we included something similar in the form of volunteer missions. Whether it’s Travis mowing the lawn, or picking up trash, there will be various tasks that Travis can do to upkeep his city so you’ll be able to enjoy side missions like that. You’ll also be able to ride on Travis’ beloved motorcycle, the “Demzamtiger.” You’ll then be able to explore various locations around the open world by traversing on his motorcycle.

No More Heroes 3 will come to the Nintendo Switch on August 27, 2021.

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