Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasy Arrangement Album Announced

Final Fantasy Uematsu Arrangement Album Modulation

Square Enix will release a Final Fantasy arrangement album, Modulation, which is a collection of popular songs from the series that have been arranged by Nobuo Uematsu. A total of 10 tracks will appear on the album. It will cost 4,950 yen (or roughly $38) and will release on November 9, 2022. Pre-orders for the album are immediately available through the Square Enix e-STORE. Additionally, consumers will receive a special MP3 download code when purchasing the album. However, the code can only be used a finite number of times.

The songs that will appear on Modulation, Nobuo Uematsu’s Final Fantasy arrangement album, include:

  • “Main Theme ~ Matoya’s Cave” – Final Fantasy I
  • “Battle Theme 2” – Final Fantasy II
  • “Eternal Wind” – Final Fantasy III
  • “Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV” – Final Fantasy IV
  • “Battle at the Big Bridge” – Final Fantasy V
  • “Terra’s Theme” (“Tina’s Theme”) – Final Fantasy VI
  • “Opening – Bombing Mission” – Final Fantasy VII
  • “Blue Fields” – Final Fantasy VIII
  • “Bran Bal, the Soulless Village” – Final Fantasy IX
  • “To Zanarkand” – Final Fantasy X

The songs available on the album may be subject to change. The store page notes that this is due to potential changes in recording.

In October 2021, a Final Fantasy XIV arrangement album appeared on streaming services. It features arrangements from Final Fantasy XIV rock group The Primals. Songs included on the album are rock arrangements of popular tracks from various expansions and patch updates from the game.

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