Norman Reedus Reveals Death Stranding Sequel in Production

Death Stranding Sequel

According to a Leo Edit interview with Norman Reedus, a Death Stranding sequel is in production. When asked about his body of work and involvement in Death Stranding, Reedus candidly responded that he started working on the sequel. However, no further information was revealed. It is uncertain how far along the sequel may be or when production began. Reedus played lead character Sam Porter Bridges. [Thanks, Leo Edit!]

That said, Kojima Productions started recruiting for a new project. This included the hiring of more than a handful of positions which range from concept artists to VFX artists. The job listings did not mention any specific details about the project. They only noted that Kojima Productions is looking for people who are enthusiastic about working within the industry.

In December 2021, Hideo Kojima revealed that the studio is working on two different projects. One of these projects was described as being “big,” while the other is “new” and “challenging.” More information about both projects will more than likely appear in the future.

Death Stranding was Kojima Production’s first title independent from Konami. It released for the PlayStation 4 in November 2019, with a PC release following in July 2022. The title was also made available for PlayStation 5 in September 2021. This was the Director’s Cut version, which saw the addition of several quality of life features and some new content.

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