North Americans Get Their Blood Boiling In May With One Piece: Burning Blood



Bandai Namco has announced the North American release date for One Piece: Burning Blood in the latest trailer showcasing Nami, Robin, Perona, and Boa Hancock. It will come to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and Windows PC on May 31, 2016. Like its European counterpart, pre-orders will include Afro Luffy, Fourth Gear Luffy, and Kung Fu Luffy characters. The announcement was also accompanied by new screenshots starring Luffy before the timeskip, Jinbe, Jozu, Marco, and Edward “Whitebeard” Newgate, who will all also be playable in the game.


luffys one piece burning blood whitebeard 1 whitebeard 2 whitebeard 3 OPBB_Jimbei_SS01 OPBB_Jimbei_SS02 OPBB_Jozu_SS03 OPBB_Luffy2YearsAgo_SS02 OPBB_Jimbei_SS03 OPBB_Jozu_SS02 OPBB_Marco_SS01 OPBB_Luffy2YearsAgo_SS03 OPBB_Marco_SS02 OPBB_Jozu_SS01 OPBB_Luffy2YearsAgo_SS01


One Piece: Burning Blood will appear first in Japan, where it will be released on April 21. North America will come next, with it’s newly announced May 31 launch. Finally, Europe will see the game on June 3.

Jenni Lada
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