Not Even The Hamlet Is Safe In The Everything Burns Update For Darkest Dungeon




Not even home is safe anymore in the Everything Burns update for Darkest Dungeon, which adds a series of town events along with its bug fixes.


These town events can cause a number of things to happen, although not all of them are bad. Bonus recruits and extra supplies can be available through these new occurrences, but even so, some facilities may close and other events will cause further difficulties and challenges for players, creating more chaos for them to deal with.


Each of these events will come with additional in-game artwork, as well as new narration from Wayne June. Their frequency can be controlled in the game’s Options menu, although they are mandatory on New Game +. These events mark the final Kickstarter stretch goal feature.


Darkest Dungeon is a dungeon crawler with a sanity system. As characters suffer damage and endure the darkness deep within the game’s catacombs, their minds are wounded as well. This mental damage creates challenging, permanent behaviors in those afflicted, so players will have to watch their characters’ mental states as well as their HP bar as they face the game’s difficult, strategic turn-based combat.

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