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Did You Notice Something Odd About Sega’s Project 575 Last Week?


Keen eyed viewers would have noted that last week, when we reported some of the songs to be featured in Sega’s upcoming lyric-fixing rhythm game Project 575, there were a couple of completely different-looking screenshots coming from Vocaloid songwriter fuwariP.


In the song After Unfastening the Bootlace, the screenshots looked like a computer screen with real-world photos and an angry looking Matcha. Why’s that?



It seems that the iOS app we’ve only briefly heard mention about before—Song Builder 575—will allow players to not only write their own songs, but may even allow them to insert their own imagery somehow. Those who pick up the game will be able to enjoy both original versions of the game’s songs as well as remixes by downloading new tunes that have been made straight from Song Builder 575 or from Project 575’s official website when the game and app are launched.


For a shot of how that would look in the game, check the below comparison screenshot which shows the game in replay mode and two separate versions which have their own remixed versions of the lyrics.


021 022

I suppose the point of being able to do so is to let players tweak lyrics to their hearts content in their preferred manner. The Vita version, which we saw in a video, seems to limit this functionality somewhat—although, whether that’s true is hard to tell from the few seconds we snatched—but it looks like the iOS application will be more freeform.


Project 575 will be out for the PlayStation Vita January 23rd.