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Now Amiibo Figurines Are Facing Shortages In Japan, Too



Nintendo president Satoru Iwata recently said that Amiibo sales could be stronger in Japan, but some of the popular figurines are selling out over there, too. Earlier today, Nintendo released a statement about restocking some of their more popular, but rare Amiibo in Japan.


In the statement, Nintendo stated their acknowledgement of a shortage in supply of certain characters, and apologized for the inconvenience. They added that they will restock the Amiibo for Villager, Little Mac, and Captain Falcon for sometime in mid-May in Japan.


The reason they say that it takes a while is due to the amount of details required in the production of the figurines, which also includes manual labor, thus taking several months from the start of production until they can be shipped out.


Nintendo concluded the statement by apologizing again for the inconvenience, and they also say that depending on the demand from customers and retailers, they will continue to restock more figurines accordingly.


While this statement was made for the Japanese fans, it looks like Nintendo are keeping an eye out for certain Amiibo that have been low on stock, and acting accordingly, so there’s a good chance that we may hear more news about Amiibo restocks in the West, soon.

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