Now Is A Fine Time To Check Out Online RPG Dragon’s Prophet


Not many games let you ride on the back of a dragon. And usually, that stuff’s reserved for the end-game “I’m-already-freakin’-awesome” players. Not so in Dragon’s Prophet, a free-to-play online RPG.


This action-based game will have you with your first, flying and compatriot mount within the first hour of gameplay for you to roam around with and explore the world – before you get smashed in the face flying into higher-level foes.



But they won’t be higher-level for long, because there’s a double experience weekend going on right now until December 2nd 4pm PST (GMT-8). If you want to drop a little bit of cash in the game, there’s also a limited-time offer of a double-headed dragon to ride, as well as some special Thanksgiving-themed items for your personal in-game home to decorate with.


You’ll be able to ride and tame more dragons throughout the game, and the classes did seem pretty fun when we checked it out. Let us know if you’re in the game and which server you’re playing on!


Dragon’s Prophet is out now for PC.