I Hereby Pronounce You Bird And Queen In This Wedding on the Battlefield Trailer



In the opening movie for Wedding on the Battlefield’s men-versus-women wars, we get an awesome preview showing off voice acting from the game as well as several characters you’ll be able to either recruit or have to beat down in the RPG that lets you marry practically any two male and female characters together, be they man, demon or elf.


Amongst them are shown several possible pair ups including Cactus the Avian and Lydia the Queen.


If you missed our earlier report, the game will star players alongside Bishop Hugo, who espouses peace through marriage for the war-torn lands. “Make Babies, not War!” Hey, that’s catchy. Players can capture both males and females and then marry them together to get a superior child with skills from their parents. Now I want to see what happens when we marry that bird and tsundere queen together! This will get epic. *popcorn*


Wedding on the Battlefield will be out for iOS and Android some time later this year. Early signups get “Twin Bishop Annie and Elle” as special promo characters.