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Nuclear Golf Gives The Sport An Unhealthy Dose Of Deadly Radiation



Nuclear Golf douses the sport of golf in radiation, letting players play through the irradiated terrain as they sink caustic balls into the corroded earth when it releases this Summer on PS4 and Vita.




It is not as simple as aiming for the hole in Nuclear Golf. With intense levels of radiation building up, players will need to finish each hoe in a hurry lest their insides liquefy and start leaking out. Also, there will be boss monsters that get in the way of some of your shots, requiring sharp golf skills to take down.




Players have access to an array of powerful balls that can explode, melt, or fly, allowing players to land trick shots or obliterate any terrain or creature that gets in the way of their shots. These balls can also level up, growing stronger the more players use them over time.




Nuclear Golf is also projected to have a PC release after it comes out on PS4 and Vita, and has a Greenlight campaign going to facilitate a release on Steam this Fall.

Alistair Wong
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