Publisher Nyu Media has teamed up with Japanese developer STRIKEWORKS to bring us a new visual novel engine called TyranoBuilder. It will be released on Steam for Windows and Mac on March 27th. It’ll cost $14.99. There are no license fees or royalties attached to it.


The claim from the two companies is that this is the “easiest and fastest” way to make visual novels out there. It has a visual drag-and-drop interface for amateurs but also as in-built scripting for more advanced users. Visual novels made with TyranoBuilder will export to Windows, Mac, HTML5, CSS3, iOS, and Android. However, iOS and Android do require a free third party software for conversion, all of which is covered in the tutorial.


“With this release, we’re hoping not only to boost the popularity of visual novels outside of Japan, but also to create a new generation of game developers,” Nyu Media said. “TyranoBuilder opens up to game creation and game-based storytelling to people who find tools like GameMaker Studio, Unity, script-based visual novel engines, etc. too difficult to use or too time-consuming to learn.”


If you’re looking for any more information on TyranoBuilder then check out its website.

Chris Priestman

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