Objects In Space Puts Players In Charge Of A Complex, Customizable Starship


Objects in Space gives players a rickety old starship in an open galaxy, letting them choose to work as a trader, explorer, bounty hunter, pirate, or a combination of any of those. Whichever job they choose, they’ll be able to customize their highly-adaptable ship into a machine best suited for the job at hand.


Objects in Space’s starship is a complex machine, giving players various readouts and controls for flight, docking, weapons, and more, forcing players to get to know every part of their ship. Whether needing to chart a course through space, fix propulsion that’s been damaged by an attack, or line up the docking module to park at a space station, there’s a specific command console for it that players will work to learn, giving players a intricate interface to use on every aspect of space travel.

Many of the ship’s modules and parts can be changed or adjusted, giving players access to cheap versions if they wish to keep costs down, or allow them to add systems that better suit the jobs they are working. Weapons can help out in a fight, but players can also opt for stealth, or keep up with the news in order to know what places to avoid to dodge pirates and organized crime. It’s up to the player to decide which parts are necessities for the jobs they do, creating a ship that best suits them.


Players are also free to choose which employers they take on as they visit settlements at various parts of the galaxy. These employers will provide a variety of jobs players can do, and will continue to give them work and funds if they can follow through on their assignments. However, the galaxy moves in real time, with certain events happening at very specific moments, and most jobs are on a time limit as well, forcing players to decide if failing a job is worth checking out a derelict ship or answering a distress call.

Objects in Space is available now on Steam Early Access and GOG.

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