In 2005 Dreamcatcher Interactive published Obscure for the Playstation 2 and the Xbox. It didn’t make much of a wave and was largely overlooked since Resident Evil 4 came out a few months earlier. Instead of giving up on the series Hydravision is giving it a second chance with Obscure II. The sequel continues two years after the first game where the survivors went to college, but (surprise!) they have to fight for their lives again. The setting is a “teen horror movie” similar to the first game, so it might not be the “mature” game Wii owners are hoping for, but it looks less campy than Necro-Nesia / Escape from Bug Island. Obscure II is also coming out for the PC and Playstation 2 in Q3 in Europe while Wii owners have to wait until Q4 to play it in Europe. No US release date has been announced, but this since Dreamcatcher worked with Hydravision in the past a US release is likely.

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