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Octahedron – A Platformer Where You Create Your Own Weaponized Platforms


Octahedron takes players to a psychedelic realm of brilliant lights and glowing dangers, tasking them with leaping through its traps and foes using a weaponized platform they can call on when they need it.


Octahedron puts a big emphasis on platform creation, letting players call upon a platform out of the air whenever they need to get over a pit or deal with oncoming foes. Players can surf on these created platforms for as long as they have energy, letting them bypass danger if they use it smartly. Not only this, but they can pick up other abilities for the platform such as laser beams or crushing cables that will allow them to knock out enemies or take out hazards, making the platform useful for more than just clearing gaps.

Using the platform well will require a good sense of rhythm, as Octahedron moves to the tune of the pumping music. Everything in the game follows the beat of the stage’s track, from moving hazards to enemy patrols, so players who give in to the beat will be able to predict when everything will shift again.


Octahedron is available now on Steam, the PlayStation Store, and the Xbox Store.

Alistair Wong
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