Square Enix released an Octopath Traveler introduction trailer for the month of April that tells us more about two of its eight main characters in H’aanit the Hunter and Therion the Thief.


Update: English trailer added:


H’aanit is a Hunter who hasn’t heard from her master in a while and goes on a trip to find him. Her Path Action is “Instigate” that allows her to control various beasts and challenge people into fights. When her Instigate action is demonstrated, she uses it against a villager who has the lowest level of power and it notes that failure will result in worsening your relationship with that particular NPC. She can use this action to get rid of NPCs causing trouble in town or one that’s blocking the path.



Next up we have Therion the Thief who is on a journey after accepting a request to recapture a certain jewel. His Path Action is “Steal,” and it allows him to use his ability as a Thief to steal from just about anyone. When using the action it shows several items that you can steal and your percentages of being able to do so. You can find items not sold in stores by stealing or even enjoy some Thief-like story elements by fusing it to acquire requested items.



Path Actions are split between the “Noble” and “Rogue” paths. For example, Tressa can purchase items, and this is in the Noble path. On the other hand, we have Therion who can steal items as part of the Rogue path.


The main attraction about the Noble Path Actions is that they’ll never fail, but their downside is they’ll require you to have enough money, experience, and so on.


The Rogue Path Actions on the other hand don’t require money or levels to perform; however, failure results in lowering your relationship level with the NPCs. When your reputation gets too low you might not be able to accept quests or speak to NPCs, so when that happens you’ll need to fork up money to the bartender to make things go back to normal.


Lastly, the trailer gives us a look at sub-stories. These are stories set apart from the main story and heavily revolve around Path Actions to solve a variety of problems, and they’ll have more than one way to solve. For example, some sub-stories will have you take on battles but you might be able to clear it by acquiring certain items instead.


Octopath Traveler releases worldwide on July 13, 2018 on Nintendo Switch.  Check our previous report for details on Terssa, Alfyn, Ability and Battle Job systems.

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