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Octopath Traveler’s H’aanit And Therion Showcased At E3 2018




During Nintendo’s E3 2018 live stream, a lot of attention was paid to two of Octopath Traveler’s heroes. We learned more about how H’aanit the Hunter and Therion the Thief work in the game.


Being a Hunter, H’aanit relies on animals for attacks. (She also has access to an axe and a bow.) In a fight, she can use the Beast Lore command to capture certain animal opponents or summon ones she has trapped. If she uses a trapped one that is not Linde, it will be lost. Each kind of animal will have a different sort of attack.


H’aanit has the Provoke ability. This allows her to get into fights with people, which can be used to help level her up more quickly. However, it was noted in the stream that this is considered a rogue path option. Unlike Oberic’s challenge, which is level dependent and allows him to also pick fights with people, there is risk involved to H’aanit’s. If she uses Provoke to start a fight, then loses, her reputation with that town can go down.


Therion is relies on stealing as his special ability, and uses a sword and dagger in battles. In the opening town shown in the demo, he had a 100% trust rate in the town, which meant he had a 100% chance of stealing from all townsfolk he approached. This allows him to build up an inventory of items that can be used for attacking or healing. This will allow him to get items not available in stores. Therion is also the only one who can take items from purple chests found in the world.


Octopath Traveler will come to the Nintendo Switch on July 13, 2018, though people can now pre-purchase the game from the eShop. The main story of the game will take 50-60 hours to complete and the main story with substories will take 80-100 hours. The three-hour demo coming on June 14, 2018 will let people use any of the eight characters and carry save data over to the full game.

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