Odallus Gets A New Veteran Mode To Live Up To Its NES-Hard Promise


Developer JoyMasher has updated its 8-bit dark fantasy game Odallus: The Dark Call with a new Veteran Mode.


It unlocks after you’ve beaten the game once (you’ll need to create a new save afterwards) and is therefore designed to test seasoned players. “Nothing is as it seems and relics and enemies are not in the same places as they used to be. This mode also introduces new foes,” writes JoyMasher.


If you can beat Veteran Mode then you’ll unlock a new skin for main character Haggis. There are also three other skins that are available for $0.99 each. These are: Red Gargoyle, Royal Knight, and Vampire Hunter. They’re meant to “honor the known heroes of the past” – as in, they’re based on characters from other games.


The free update is available to everyone who owns the game on Steam,, and the Humble Store.

Chris Priestman