imageA scan from jump details King who has a cool appearance, but a tender core. He’s one of the many playable characters in Final Fantasy Type-0. This young man stoically trains everyday and wields two pistols. Saice has a difficult time with words, but is quite the level headed thinker. For a cadet she has excellent judgment and a humongous scythe.


The magazine also confirms Odin as one of Final Fantasy Type-0’s war gods.


Final Fantasy Type-0, according to Jump, will let players freely move about the world through towns and dungeons. As you walk through the streets, you can talk to townsfolk to hear the latest news and buy items from shopkeepers. While exploring the field, random monsters can attack your group. Final Fantasy Type-0 also has an airship to pilot.


Square Enix plans to release Final Fantasy Type-0 on PSP in Japan this summer. A release date has not been announced for North America or Europe at this time.

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