PlayStation 4

Oh! My Genesis VR Is Like Black & White Lite



Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia revealed a new PlayStation VR title at Taipei Game Show 2016 called Oh! My Genesis (tentative title) which is a little bit like Black & White lite. Siliconera attended the event, where I got to give the game a spin. Here are my impressions.


Players hold two PlayStation Move controllers to play the game and each one controls a different virtual hand in outer space. You can grab planets or the sun by pressing the trigger buttons. Pressing the top button on the PlayStation Move controller grabs animals.


The goal of the demo was to populate planets with these fuzzy animals. If you bring two animals to a new planet, a heart appears over their heads, and a couple of minutes later a new animal spawns.


Mid-way through the demo comets whiz by your planets and if you’re not watching collide with them. Players have to pick up the planets and move them out of the comet’s path to protect little critters inhabiting them. Or another strategy is blocking the planets by picking up the sun and hitting the comets with the fiery star.


Oh! My Genesis VR is being developed for PlayStation VR by XPEC who is also working on Final Fantasy XV. You can check out a trailer for the game below: