Oh no (s)he din’t! Radiant Silvergun for $2000?


omfg.jpgSometimes you have to wonder what drives a person to sell a rare/hard to find/out of print item on eBay for a BIN price so high you’ll have a heart attack just looking at it. I remember constantly looking at PS3 auctions on eBay back when the PS3 launched to see just how high bids were going, and I was literally amazed to see just how much people are willing to pay for something like that. Then again, I paid $60 something dollars for a PAL Australian copy of Terranigma…but that’s not bad right?


Anywho, of all the auction BIN prices I’ve seen for rare games, nothing (not even the Chrono Trigger pre-release cart. auction) tops this $2000 BIN price for Radiant Silvergun, a shmup by the talented developer Treasure. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see for myself just how much this rare Sega Saturn shmup was going for; and though I saw some auctions at a $80 bid and some with a $145 BIN, this $2000 BIN stood out so much I literally spit out the water I had in my mouth on the floor…to avoid killing myself via computer meltdown.

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