Ojimon Turns Pokémon Into Wearisome Middle-Aged Men



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There are theories out there – serious and otherwise – that take the Pokémon series as an allegory for slavery. You beat the Pokémon up, you capture them, and then force them to fight for you: is that not slavery?


Regardless of your own verdict, Japanese developer Keita Hirose seems to think so, as he’s the creator of a new smartphone game called Ojimon (thanks AnimeNewsNetwork). In it, Pokémon have their faces swapped with those of weary-looking middle-aged men and whom you capture and then have work in forced labor camps.


By performing tasks in mining and construction the Ojimon earn you coins – even while the phone is idle – which you can then spend on developing towns to earn prizes. As you earn more coins new Ojimon appear for you to capture. Ojimon will also acquire experience and eventually evolve into more powerful types of Ojimon after a while.


You can download Ojimon for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play

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