Old School Musical Brings Rhythm To Classic Game Genres



    French studio La Moutarde is making a rhythm game called Old School Musical that gives classic games new beat-matching challenges.


    “Imagine a Mortal Kombat where the characters fight in rhythm and where the battle depends on your ability to tap at the right time, a shoot-em-up where your ship fires in case of success or a zelda-like where your sword is controlled by your rhythmic skills,” writes La Moutarde.


    Old School Musical will consist of a number of mini-games taking inspirations like these and asks you to simply hit buttons at the right time to match the music. One of the latest developments includes a Mega Man-inspired level too.


    Currently, you can sign-up here to be part of Old School Musical’s closed beta. You should also keep an eye on the game’s Facebook page for future updates.

    Chris Priestman

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