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Omega Labyrinth Life’s Yurika Can Be The Best Character


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In Omega Labyrinth Life, you don’t just have one heroine going through its roguelike dungeons. You almost always have the option of pairing up and sending a duo offer to explore, and there are multiple students to choose from. However, while each one of these warriors does have helpful skills and tendencies that might make it easy to survive, there’s one that is universally useful. Yurika quickly joins and proves how big of an assistant she can be.


Part of what makes Yurika so great is how quickly she joins the roster. You are limited to only Hinata for the tutorial dungeon, and Berune is by her side for the first one clearing her name and finding seeds. But after that, it is Yurika who is willing to side with Hinata and begin working together for the greater good. Once you start searching for flower seeds, you’ll be able to have her by your side. Not having to wait to recruit her is a big deal, especially considering her base abilities and the moveset potential she ends up bringing along on the journey.


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In Omega Labyrinth Life, how endowed a woman is determines what her base stats look like. Smaller heroines, like Hinata with her C cup, start off weaker, but will end up growing faster once she gets into the dungeon. (This then boosts her stats quicker.) At a G, Yurika is one of the largest starting women in the game, and that means she is at an advantage when going into the dungeon. To compare against the baseline of Hinata, Yurika will have 90 HP, 14 strength, 16 vitality, 16 magic, and 12 will. Hinata has 76 HP 12 strength, 12 vitality, 10 magic, and 10 will. She’s more clearly well-rounded, which means she can be a good lead heroine or supportive partner from the outset. Meanwhile, a character like Hinata would need to do some growing in the dungeon to build herself up. (However, she still could get to be as powerful.)


Yurika’s skills are also exactly the sort you want to have when going through a roguelike. Ideally, you want to stay alive for as long as possible. Her first skill, Pleasure – “Plaisir,” is one that heals every ally in the same room as her will have 50 health restored and a regen effect for ten turns. It is immensely helpful. Especially when paired with Allure – “Aguichant.” That skill makes monsters in the two rows surrounding her hallucinate for ten turns. The two are both godsends if you end up in a monster room floor filled with enemies, but also can be great during a boss fight. Plus, having access to both skills so early on is an incredible help. By the time you are rescuing Mio, you should already have both abilities.


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While most of Yurika’s skills are supportive, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get any offensive abilities. One of her must useful is Hatred – “Haine.” When this triggers, every single monster that is in the same room as her takes magical damage. (Since her strength and magic stats are relatively equal, that can be helpful.) Plus, this “perfume” also places a Death Brand ailment on the enemies. This one does take longer to acquire. However, since Yurika’s role is primarily supposed to revolve around supportive abilities, ideally whoever she is working with in the dungeon should be there for the major attacks.


There are a lot of heroines with helpful abilities in Omega Labyrinth Life. Also, it is the sort of game where the people playing it might be more partial to bringing the characters whose designs they like best into a dungeon. However, everyone should consider trying a strategy that involves Yurika joining the party for a mission or two. She’s a strong heroine with fantastic skills that are designed to help you stay alive for as long as possible, and her having strong base stats, due to how well endowed she is, means you could have her be the fighter you initially use while the other levels up enough to switch in and perhaps take the lead.


Omega Labyrinth Life is available for the Nintendo Switch. Labyrinth Life is available for the PlayStation 4.

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