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Omega Labyrinth Protagonist Will Take On Dungeons For Her Wish Of Breast Enlargement



D3 Publisher recently announced their newest title called Omega Labyrinth, a roguelike game where you’ll go on a “chest-expanding adventure,” and according to this week’s issue of Dengkei PlayStation, they meant that literally. [Thanks, Game Jouhou and Hokanko-Alt.]


The first detaisl are about the game’s “Omega Power” system. By charging this power, the chest of the character you’re controlling will gradually grow, and  eventually burst her outfit, which somehow damages the enemy.


Chest size increases status, and once it reaches its peak it activates the “Chest Burst” mode, which further increases the character’s status. Points acquired through dungeons can be used to purchase or appraise items.


Unknown items found in dungeons can be appraised through the “Boob Appraisal” system, where you put the item between the breasts of a character to have it appraised. The “Torture Aroma” items acquired in dungeons are used to make a girl go in an excited state, as part of a touch screen element.


In addition to your leader character, you’ll get to take along one other as their partner. Since it’s a roguelike game, if they’re defeated then they’ll both lose their equipment.


Here’s a look at some of the characters:


Aina Akemiya (CV: Haruka Yamazaki):


omega-labyrinth_150810-1 Aina is the protagonist who wishes to increase her breast size, and she’ll do so by taking on dangerous dungeons in search for the “Holy Grail of Beauty” that is said to grant any wish.


Nako Mimomo (CV: Aya Uchida):



Aina’s best friend who is always seems to find herself in trouble. She even gets lost while exploring dungeons.


Saeri Souja (CV: M.A.O.):



Saeri is a cool and smart girl, and she’s also a quarter-Russian. Aina says she’s like a ninja, so she gave her the scarf that she wears.


Omega Labyrinth will release in Japan on November 19, 2015 for PlayStation Vita. First-print bonuses include a couple equipment items.

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