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Omega Labyrinth Shares More On Its Plot And Main Characters



We recently got to check out the gameplay latest details on Matrix Software’s upcoming “chest-expanding” roguelike RPG Omega Labyrinth. 4Gamer’s update on the game also has some more details on the game’s story and characters.


Here’s a prologue for the game’s story:


The Embellir Girls’ Academy is where girls grow into maidens with gorgeous bodies, hearts, and with beautiful voices. However, there was a mysterious rumor to this academy—about a “Holy Grail of Beauty” that is said to grant any wish, and it’s located somewhere in the academy.


It didn’t take long for the girls to get curious about this rumor. They say that the girl is hidden deep within a cave that has been around the academy since its older days. This cave is normally forbidden to enter, but they open it only on the founding anniversary of the academy, for just one day.


November 8th marks the founding anniversary date of Embellir Girls’ Academy, and the students will do their best to find the grail this year as well.


Her wish is to make her small breasts larger than any other girl’s. Will she be able to find the grail and make her wish come true?


We’ve already seen some details for some of Omega Labyrinth’s main characters, but the update provides further information on the girls. Here’s a look:


Aina Akemiya (CV: Haruka Yamazaki):


003 Aina is the lively and always-optimistic protagonist of the game. She’s a little self-conscious about her small chest, so she decides to take on the dungeon in order to find the “Holy Grail of Beauty” that can grant any wish.


She’s not exactly an honor student, but she’s popular and is easily the focus of attention; however, it’s not ht at she likes the attention, but she’s the type that can’t refuse any kind of request.


Her chest isn’t that big, but it’s all about her attractive booty (according to Aina).


Nako Mitou (CV: Aya Uchida):


004 Nako is Aina’s best friend, and she’s great at cooking. Unlike Aina, Nako has a voluptuous chest. Aina asks herself if all of Nako’s nutrient intake goes straight into her chest.


She’s always hanging out with Aina, and she often finds herself in trouble. Aina invites her to take on the dungeon, but it doesn’t take long for Nako to stray away and separated from her friend.


Saeri Souja (CV: M.A.O.):



Saeri is a quarter Russian, and she admires her senpai Aina. She’s a cool-type character and speaks with a polite tone. She decides to tag alongside Aina to take on the dungeon.


She’s swift like a ninja, so Aina gave her a long scarf to go with it. She’s also conscious of her ninja-like characteristics, so she doesn’t mind it coming from Aina. Similar to Aina, Saeri is also conscious of her small chest, and her chest feels tight, for some reason…


Pai (CV: Emi Uema):



Pai is sub-character fairy that loves breasts and going between them. She’s not exactly good or bad, but she’s an optimistic girl who doesn’t exactly think too much about things. She starts hanging out with Aina after getting saved from a monster.


Pai has a range of knowledge, and informs Aina and her friends about the dungeon and the Holy Grail of Beauty. Her usage of honorifics are a bit off, and isn’t the best with difficult words that make her speak in a lisping manner.


Omega Labyrinth will release in Japan on November 19, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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