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Omega Labyrinth Teases A New Mature Character With A Silhouette



    We recently to peek at a new Omega Labyrinth character, along with details on how youc an power up by collecting panties and bras in its dungeons. Dengeki shares a little more on this new character.



    The top image shows a look at the next character, who is said to be a little bit more on the mature side compared to the others we’ve seen thus far. The above image shows an item appraisal going on, so that confirms that she’ll be a new party member.



    D3 Publisher aren’t shy to admit that Omega Labyrinth is all about boobs. That said, the protagonist Aina even has an “Omega Impact” skill that blows up in the shape of giant explosive bosoms.


    Omega Labyrinth will release in Japan on November 19, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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