Omega Labyrinth Will Have You Go Panty Collecting In Dungeons To Power Up

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We recently got the latest on Omega Labyrinth with details on its plot and some of its main characters. 4Gamer’s latest update introduces us to two new heroines and other gameplay details on the upcoming PlayStation Vita roguelike.


Marika Hikawa (CV: Yu Kobayashi):



Marika is the student council vice president at the Embellir Girls Academy. She’s blessed with talent, is a daughter of a respectable family, and is considered a super prominent high school girl.


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She can handle most things with little trouble, but upon losing for the first time against the student council president Mirei, she finds nothing but deep admiration for the girl.


She shows a bit more of her “tsun” side to Aina and her friends, but shows her “dere” towards Mirei and her pet cat. In other words, she can be coercive towards Aina, but is a total sucker for Mirei.


Mirei Shirogane (CV: Fumiko Uchimura):



Mirei is the hard-working student council president of Embellir Girls Academy. She’s beautiful and intelligent, but she wasn’t born with talent, as she worked hard to achieve it through practice and training.


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She got help from a student council president when she was little, so in order to be like that person, she’s working hard on becoming such a president that can be nice to everyone. She hates natto and is currently working on overcoming her dislike towards it.



The above is a teaser image for the next character that will be revealed for Omega Labyrinth.


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While exploring dungeons, you’ll come across “bras” and “panties” that can be equipped like you can with swords and shields. Equipping undergarments increase defense, and matching certain ones in pairs will add special effects. They can be found scattered throughout the dungeons. Swords and shields can also be matched for special effects.



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As you advance through the stories, the characters might occasionally get taken away by boss monsters in dungeons. When that happens, they’ll be found restrained, and you’ll need to free them by using the touch screen. They say that it might be tempting to touch them in inappropriate parts while in these unladylike positions, but you’ll need to do it right in order to free them properly.


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You’ll find various items that will need appraising in the dungeons. If you appraise an item after leaving the dungeon, it’ll be done through a default chest size, but doing it while still in the dungeon will have an appraisal with the current breast size, but the size won’t have an effect on the appraisal.


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029 030

In Omega Labyrinth, you’ll get to use the touch screen to “touch” whenever you want. That said, it’s not limited to appraisals and rescuing girls from monsters, as you’ll be able to do so while in dungeons, menu screens, during conversations, and more.


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Omega Labyrinth will release in Japan on November 19, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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