Omega Quintet Brings The Pop Idol RPG Action To PC On December 15



We recently learned that Omega Quintet, the RPG by Compile Heart’s Galapagos RPG branch, is headed to Steam in December, and we now have a release date of December 15 for the pop idol RPG.


Here’s a bunch of details on the game from its Steam product page:


Humanity is in peril! A deadly phenomenon known as Blare threatens to consume all life on earth and is eating away at the minds of humans worldwide. No conventional forces can stop the Blare and it has rapidly spread worldwide. But in one city, a small population holds out against this deadly threat…

Enter the Verse Maidens: five exceptional girls with powerful musical abilities are the only ones who offer any hope. These inspiring, adorable idols must use their powers of song and dance to wipe out the Blare forever. Now the Verse Maidens’ strength and courage are all that’s left to protect the people, their hopes and their dreams…

Omega Quintet is a hybrid JRPG and Idol Simulation. Use your five super-cute idols’ sound weapons against the Blare’s evil forces. Build an arsenal of deadly attacks and skills and hype up your fans to unlock powerful combo attacks.



  • Every battle is a stage, so play to the crowd! In Concert Mode gain a boost from your music, fill your Voltage Gauge faster and unlock your most powerful special skills.
  • Extensively customize your idols’ looks. Change outfits, accessories, hair and mics. Be careful enemies don’t hit you with an outfit-busting “Costume Break”, leaving you vulnerable to attack and red-faced in front of your fans!
  • Sing your foes into oblivion using the “Harmonics” system: weave different idols’ skills into incredibly deadly chain combos. Add each skill in the correct order to multiply the pain!
  • Use the powerful PVS system to choreograph and produce unique music videos of your idols greatest hits. Use your mouse to throw in extra effects during the concert.


Free DLC bundles

  • Verse Maiden Beginner Pack 1 – 5000 EP will be added, 5 coins will be added. The following items will be added – Sports Drink, Vitamin Supplement, Revival Medicine, Camo Blur, Flower Maritime, Platinum Empress Eye
  • Verse Maiden Beginner Pack 2 – 50000 EP has been added, 10 Coins will be added, 5000 added to all Arcanium. The following items will be added: Vitamin Drink, Healing Mist, Super Vitamin Supplement, Lavender Perfume, Priestess Miracle Cure, Spotlight, Camo Blur, Heart Fence, Rainbow Fence, Black Leather Cord, Stardust Cord
  • Verse Maiden Beginner Pack 3 – 500000 EP has been added, 15 Coins have been added, 50000 added to all Arcanium. The following items have been added: Noble Mist EX, Grace Perfume EX, Angel’s Secret, Sacred Light, Cure-All Spray, High-Grade Aroma Oil, Aroma Candle, Witch’s Potion, Djinni’s Breath, Tournesol GF, Mascot Strap, Rune Strap, Angel Ring, Dried Clay, Blue Cross
  • First Verse Maiden War – Triple Towers has been added to the World Map. *In order to access this area, the game must have progressed to Episode 9.
  • Second Verse Maiden War – Square Centre has been added to the World Map. *In order to access this area, you must progress past the True Ending. *Depending on the game mode, some areas may not be accessible.
  • Third Verse Maiden War – Meteorological Station will be added to the World Map when the following criteria are met: Progressed after clearing the True Ending, You have the “Golden Carrot” in your inventory. *You can gain the “Golden Carrot” during the Second Verse Maiden War. *Depending on the game mode, some areas may not be accessible.
  • Fourth Verse Maiden War – South Plains will be added to the World Map when the following criteria are met: Progressed after clearing, the True Ending, you have the “Bath Banana” in your inventory. *You can gain the “Bath Banana” during the Third Verse Maiden War. *Depending on the game mode, some areas may not be accessible.
  • Complete MAD Encyclopedia – All main storyline enemies will be unlocked in the MAD Encyclopedia * Does not apply to enemies in the Verse Maiden War expansions




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Omega Quintet is available on PlayStation 4. The PC version releases on December 15, 2017.

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